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Argentinian, 24 years-old, Literature student, lover of all things vintage, actress wannabe and passionate coffee drinker. Shakespearean. Sherlockian. Earl Grey. Rainy days. Old movies. Lindy Hop and Jazz. I will never stop plotting and planning trips to Europe (maybe someday I'll actually go). Opera? Classical Music? Yes, please!

Maggie Smith as Claire - A Delicate Balance (1997)

Reclining Naiad, Antonio Canova (details).

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Marilyn Monroe by Ed Feingersh.

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{ winter in paris }

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Visual Development from Beauty and the Beast by Hans Bacher

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The Painted Hall // 2014.

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Street Photography, Ireland, 1890-1910

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I’m slowly losing my ground
Slowly sinking down
Trapped by this thing they call love.

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by Rodrica Cogle

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You can’t keep dancing with the devil and ask why you’re still in hell

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Tapestry closeups

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If I can’t fuck people, I want to fuck people over.

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One can say that Javert is our conscience. The ever lurking presence of the law and our own condemnation. The tension between who we were and who we are and who we can be. Javert represents that inescapable, shameful past that forever haunts and persues one’s conscience. Javert is the man of the law, and… There are no surprises with the law. The principle of retribution is simple and monotonous, like Euclidean logic. It’s closed to all alternatives and shut up against divine or human intervention… Indeed, Javert represents the merciless application of the law, the blind Justice that in the end is befuddled by hope and the possibility of redemption without punishment. ― Cristiane Serruya

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